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“Art does not reproduce what is visible, but makes visible what is not always so.”

(Paul Klee, 1920)

– I’m not sure what awaken in me a desire to photograph. Maybe it’s the memories, thoughts, things, feelings that have nothing to do with photography in itself. Then there are the days that something drives me to go hunting for images perhaps because, not knowing use paints and brushes, I feel that I have to “paint” with my lens.

– To me, photography is a vocation, as well as was a vocation studying fossils and transmitting knowledge to young people. I feel photography as a task full of magic whose meaning can only be read as we read nature in an extensive system where they interact shapes, colours and sounds.

– Man, nature, or, very often both together, they created, unwillingly, true masterpieces of painting. Fantastic, wonderful, colorful pictures, full of lines and volumes that nobody would have known, and which would be lost irreparably if I, with a shot, haven’t fixed them on a piece of celluloid suitably “treated” or on electronic card. The picture that “captured” with my Canon, however, could not have lasted long because after a week, a day or an hour wouldn’t be that anymore. His life is often very short indeed and unless it captures the fleeting moment is lost forever. My pictures can, in a sense, be compared to those “forgotten” for many years into the warehouses of art galleries or museums and that are brought to light after centuries of oblivion.

– It has been said that the artist’s role has always been to create images. I, on the other hand, the images I find them ready. It’s just seeing them on a surface “unformed” and with no apparent meaning or in a large space. It is with the viewfinder of my Canon I decide what will be the part from “capture”. When I find an image where my graphic concept merges with the rhapsody of colors, then “steal” and I try to make her mine forever. I don’t know then how can label myself: an amateur photographer, an Explorer, a thief of images or, simply, an “artist”. I leave it up to you.